Days out to Alton Towers with Flitwick Taxis

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Simply tell us the date you are going and what time you plan to set off (We expect to pick you up early to maximise your time at the Park so don’t worry about that, we provide a 247 service!) have a relaxing journey in comfort with your Taxi/ Minibus and even catch up on some sleep so when you arrive your are refreshed and full of energy for the day.
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More about Alton Towers

Alton Towers Resort and more often referred to as just Alton Towers is a Theme/ Waterpark and hotel complex situated in Staffordshire County, Owned by Merlin Entertainments it is their flagship attraction and the site was originally opened in 1860 and hosted flower shows and garden tours.
Alton Towers didn’t become a theme park until the 4th of April 1980 when it opened its gates as a theme park attraction.
What attractions are at Alton Towers?
Alton towers have been developing attractions and rides since they opened in 1980 and for your convenience we have included a full list below.
Thrill Rides

The Smiler – new for 2014 this coaster is the world’s first coaster to feature 14 loops

Thirteen – Deemed as an ultimate white knuckle ride!

Air – floating, looping, soaring and diving gives you the ultimate weightless experience with the sensation of flying

The Blade – swing up and down for a zero gravity experience, a thrilling ride!

Nemesis Sub-Terra – an underground ride claiming the experience of your worst nightmares!

Nemesis – see rivers of blood and rock as you fly over them experiencing G-Forces greater then a space shuttle!

Oblivion – Don’t look down as you drop vertically down in to the smoking hole!

Rita – 0-100 KPH! You best hang on tight as you are catapulted to these speeds in just 2.5 seconds

Ripsaw – Pray you stay dry as you take your seat in this awesome ride!

Enterprise – classic white knuckle ride as you spin round and then upside down!

Laughter and Frights

Congo River Rapids – splish, splash and be sprayed whilst riding the torrents!

Duel – The Haunted House Strikes Back – A haunted roller coaster ride with ghosts and ghouls!

Hex – The Legend of the Towers – Don’t unearth the curse while on your journey inside the towers!

Runaway Mine Train – Twist and turn on this runaway train roller coaster.

Sonic Spinball – A pinball themed rollercoaster that will ping and spring you around!

Battle Galleons – Sail among the shark infested waters to get to the pirate cove.

Marauders Mayhem – Beware of your crewmates as you twirl and swirl with the barrels!

The Flume – Fly down drops and through the waterfalls in your tub then get drenched by the power shower!

Haunted Hollow – Its spookey and full of surprises so keep your eyes open as you walk through this chilling attraction.



Ice Age The 4D Experience – It’s a cool 4D experience featuring the characters of the hit movie Ice Age

Sharkbait Reef – A discovery mission beneath the wreckage of the galleon in mutiny bay attraction.

The Gardens – Beautiful and tranquil, the garden of Alton Towers displays enchanting beauty.

The Towers – With an amazing history discover the story behind Alton towers.

Live Shows – More attractions, more entertainment why not take in a show too?

Meet The Characters – Fun for everyone as you meet the many characters on the resort.

Extraordinary Golf – Located at the splash landings hotel why not test your experience and skills?

Skyride – Amazing aerial views of the resort and its gardens.

Young fun at Alton Towers

Cbeebies Land – New in 2014 little learners can enjoy and be inspired by this fun new attraction for the little ones.

Driving School – Kids can brush up their skills by learning to drive with this fun attraction.

Twirling Toadstool – Roll up roll up, take your seat and glide through the air.

Wobble World – An amazing indoor play area extended from the exciting Cloud Cuckoo Land

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Share the experience of the lovable Charlie in the wacky world of Willy Wonka.

Frog Hopper – The fun roller coaster for kids! Hop up and down on the fun frog!

Don’t forget

Alton Towers also has a water park, hotels and spar, they also offer short breaks and events and special offers.
Book your ticket and reserve your taxi/ minibus with Flitwick Taxis for a fun day out or short break at the amazing Alton Towers.